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  1. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | The Bread Company | 67.8m | 20s | Lamb Development | a—A

    Lamb moves quite slowly actually from what I remember as every one of his projects sit at the board for years awaiting approval. Centre court is the one that moves at lightning speed, and increasingly it seems like Emblem is doing the same thing, though they are still a relatively small player...
  2. innsertnamehere

    Bombardier Downsview Lands (Northcrest-Canada Lands, Henning Larsen)

    That’s great and all, but both those roads run through land they don’t own.
  3. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | 985 Woodbine | ?m | 14s | Choice Properties | Turner Fleischer

    it's to avoid inclusionary zoning requirements. The provincial regulations don't allow municipalities to enforce inclusionary zoning on a project with both a zoning by-law amendment and plan of subdivision / plan of condominium file submitted prior to the passing of the by-law. The IZ by-law...
  4. innsertnamehere

    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    I agree that Sheppard would be decently busy if built out as fully intended, not anything incredible, but decently busy. If you ask me any extensions should see the line converted to more of a light-metro technology to allow the extensions to be elevated, but that's unlikely. Fully Toronto...
  5. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | 2345 Yonge | 130.2m | 36s | RioCan | DIALOG

    Actually disregard my previous post, most office floors here are 4.5m which is indeed typical. The uppermost office floor is still 6m however, which is well above normal, but may be accommodating something like a transfer slab.
  6. innsertnamehere

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    When's the signaling upgrades planned to be completed again? 2022 right? The combined time savings impact on travel times will be massive as it will effect literally 90% of GO customers. From what I recall it's supposed to cut travel times by about 2 minutes on LSW/Milton/Kitchener/Barrie trains...
  7. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | 2345 Yonge | 130.2m | 36s | RioCan | DIALOG

    Again, what’s with the crazy high office floors?
  8. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | The Dylan 2 Condominium | 94.35m | 28s | Chestnut Hill | Kirkor Architects

    That would be far less cash efficient than just buying a few houses next to existing parks.
  9. innsertnamehere

    TTC: Bloor Danforth Line 2 West Extension(s)

    Eventually, I know the city is still planning for it long term. It's certainly not anyone's priority right now though.
  10. innsertnamehere

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    wonder how much the travel time will drop by December.
  11. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | The HUB | 257.85m | 57s | Oxford Properties | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    Hmm, what makes me think the tenant is someone Oxford recently sold a large chunk of New York City real estate to and is named after an impossibly large number?
  12. innsertnamehere

    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    Indeed, but my understanding is that those trains got busier. The TRs did also give a slight capacity boost. Again, the line didn’t explode in daily ridership, but I believe it slowly ticked up over the years from what I recall. Not anything crazy but more than 1%.
  13. innsertnamehere

    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    Sheppard subway ridership has actually grown quite significantly since it’s opening from my understanding, though it is obviously still quite low.
  14. innsertnamehere

    Hamilton LRT (Metrolinx/City of Hamilton, Revived)

    King street is going to look like a war zone with all the demolitions scheduled. I wouldn’t be surprised if Metrolinx is planning to demolish 1/4 of the properties on the street.
  15. innsertnamehere

    8 King St E (exterior restoration, KingSett Capital, ERA Architects)

    Now if they could just get a different tenant at grade..