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  1. J

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Off-peak is the best time to get a sighting lol I’ve personally seen them squeeze into the void, remember, no back-bone meaning they can squeeze into extremely tight spaces.
  2. J

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Pape is infested with gigantic rats since the renovation. The new walls were simply placed on top of the old walls with a railing system, leaving a void between the walls. The E/B platform is the worst part of the station for rats. I’m talking squirrel sized rats 🐀
  3. J

    Toronto | Universal City Condos | 173.15m | 54s | Chestnut Hill | Kirkor Architects

    Wow I love the rendering, it’s rather impressive that Bayly has magically become a 6 lane road plus a beautiful grass median. I also love the park with all the trees just to the west of the buildings, that space is currently a single story plaza. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️😂
  4. J

    Toronto | DLive | ?m | ?s | Pickering Developments | CGL Architects

    Ya Durham Live has turned into a complete joke of a project. What was originally proposed vs what’s being built now is almost criminal.
  5. J

    Toronto | 4121 Kingston | 126.9m | 35s | Trinity Group | IBI Group

    Yep that’s the one lol I used to live on Kingsmere
  6. J

    Toronto | 4121 Kingston | 126.9m | 35s | Trinity Group | IBI Group

    That newly built condo at Kingston/Eglinton was apparently going to be the end of the world according to a bunch of people in the Guild too.
  7. J

    Toronto | 4121 Kingston | 126.9m | 35s | Trinity Group | IBI Group

    Love the NIMBYism of some people. It’s a GO station, and we need housing, what better place to put it…..
  8. J

    Eglinton East LRT | Metrolinx

    The staff report literally says it will be slower than the current RapidTO lanes
  9. J

    Toronto | VuPoint Condos | 172.1m | 53s | Tribute | IBI Group

    Approved at Pickering Council June6 by a vote of 5-1. 27 units to Habitat for Humanity. Walnut Lane Extension going to council June27th.
  10. J

    Scarborough Town Centre Redevelopments

    Nice! I do remember years ago when they were going to move Cineplex that they had planned to make Sears into part of the mall with flexible space that could accommodate 60+ new stores.
  11. J

    Eglinton East LRT | Metrolinx

    Wow someone with a similar idea that I’ve always had. I have always thought there should be a SSE station at Danforth or Brimley. I was disappointed when Mattamy decided to build stacked towns at the former Caddy’s and not high rises… As for the LRT…This is a great idea. Big cost savings. If...
  12. J

    Toronto | SmartCentres Pickering | 109m | 34s | SmartCentres | Turner Fleischer

    3 tower Phase1 approved at Pickering council June6.
  13. J

    Toronto | 2746 Kingston | 81.1m | 23s | Skale | Turner Fleischer

    The brick bottom does give it a better look. Sort of matches what was built just east of this. I like it.
  14. J

    Toronto | 1744 Ellesmere | 50.96m | 15s | Verdiroc | CGL Architects

    The site is now a pile of rubble and sorting of recyclable material is taking place.