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  1. J

    Distillery District

    Also- from what I understand, the name change was part of an internal corporate conflict with Distillery management. Matthew Rosenblatt was one of the guys who bought the distillery to develop years and years ago. He had long held a position in Distillery management, I think last one was head...
  2. J

    Distillery District

    In 2020 it was still the Christmas Market, but the pandemic surge killed it before it even opened. Things were set up, but they ended up keeping all the lights off to discourage visitors. In 2021, there was some doubt if they’d do anything - so they created a limited experience, calling it the...
  3. J

    Toronto | Aqualuna at Bayside | 61.87m | 18s | Tridel | 3XN

    Hasn’t realized that corner is rounded
  4. J

    Toronto | George Brown College: Limberlost Place | 52.5m | 10s | George Brown | Moriyama & Teshima

    Other wood timber building to the east was doing a floor every two weeks. This one looks to be going a bit faster.
  5. J

    Toronto | Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Has there ever been talk of redoing the bathroom/changing facilities at Cherry Beach? Once everything’s done and the streetcar loop is in place, the beach is going to be more accessible than ever, so it just seems inevitable that things will need to get updated. Maybe encroach on the parking...
  6. J

    Distillery District

    Two weeks until Christmas market starts. Case goods still taking up half the lane on the north. Caught this sign on the south. On one hand- oh sure, this building is a thousand years old, that’s expected right? On the other hand- what did they NOT do abatement for when they renovated for Artscape?
  7. J

    Toronto | King East Centre | 140m | 39s | First Gulf | WZMH

    All makes perfect sense I suppose, building affordable housing on two large sites within 500m or so, then cut access to affordable groceries. Crazy to think of how long the lines are at No Frills at its current size and how much worse that will get with increased population and smaller footprint.
  8. J

    Toronto | 45 The Esplanade | 119.85m | 36s | Republic | IBI Group

    “Approve and expedite our plan for a 110 storey tower or we’ll bleed you on renovations” I know they did the contract during a crisis, but did nobody see this coming?
  9. J

    Distillery District

    They seem to have pulled back some of the taller screens from the east of the building. Not entirely sure what they were spraywashing this specific section for. Christmas market is just over a month away, so I hope they get their windows in and can reopen the lane. Be a waste too if the ground...