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  1. Kaizen

    Houselessness in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

    Didn't see others post, I'll read em later.
  2. Kaizen

    Houselessness in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

    ^ thanks @Edmontonium for your well thought out and heartfelt response. I can appreciate it, but not so much the tone of "double-faced" or "morally superior", ect, regardless if in defense of what you felt was justified to "fight fire with fire". Not sure if that makes sense? But I caught your...
  3. Kaizen

    Edmonton | Prairie Sky Gondola | 76.2m | ?s | Prairie Sky | DIALOG

    ^ and when nature calls early in the morning you could opt to just Wiz out the window, in remembrance of the "Great Divide waterfall"... 😜
  4. Kaizen

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    I hope it's in time for the Folk Fest, so my prediction would be July 31st, 12 noon (so they have a few days prior to ease in to all the folks).
  5. Kaizen

    Edmonton | University Heights | 23m | 6s | Westrich Pacific | EFG Architects

    I think the earliest move-in is sometime in July, maybe August, not sure. Pretty sure that the following posts were general discussion and not a reply to your question 🙂 I'm guessing, but I'd bet no move-in's yet. You might be among the first! I hope you really like it. Looks like a great...
  6. Kaizen

    Edmonton | Prairie Sky Gondola | 76.2m | ?s | Prairie Sky | DIALOG

    Most of those comments, OMG, unbelievable. People can be so closed minded, plain old ignorant!
  7. Kaizen

    Edmonton | Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective | ?m | 2s | Ociciwan | RPK Architects
  8. Kaizen


  9. Kaizen

    Edmonton | Stables at Mayfair | ?m | 34s | ProCura Real Estate | Manasc Isaac

    I wonder if the latest "Cascadia" @Avenuer posted a year ago is still current? I hope we are all pleasantly surprised...
  10. Kaizen

    Edmonton Skyline

    ^^ all I can see are streetlights wanting to become a McDonald' sign from that vantage point :D ^THE classic Edmonton shot!
  11. Kaizen

    Touch the Water Promenade / River Valley "Seawall"

    ^ basically agree except for the bit about the North LRT to nowhere. Eventually, that beautiful bridge over the CN Walker railyard will be a much-loved link to Castle Downs, St Albert.
  12. Kaizen

    Edmonton summer festivals

    I personally don't feel that that devil should be welcomed into our city, will be a very sad day, JMHO.
  13. Kaizen

    Exhibition Lands Redevelopment | City of Edmonton

    A little more to the east,
  14. Kaizen

    Edmonton Skyline

    June 12th, a sunny Sunday afternoon in Argyll.