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    Transit Fantasy Maps

    Here’s an example showing the corridor at Upper Middle & Appleby Line. Seems like a no brainer to use it eventually.
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    Transit Fantasy Maps

    Definitely more of a local service. Upper middle is so wide and runs through all the burl/oak suburbs north of the QEW so I’ve just always seen those corridors as wasted potential for people moving. The intersections at Maple/Lakeshore, Appleby/Upper Middle, and Trafalgar/Dundas are starting to...
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    Transit Fantasy Maps

    Behold, the Halton LRT. The route would make use of the already existing hydro corridors through downtown Burlington and along Upper Middle Road. A new bridge would span across Bronte Creek, connecting both sides of Upper Middle. Route begins at Maple & Lakeshore in Burlington, and terminates at...
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    Toronto | Jamesville Redevelopment | 23.72m | 7s | Marz Homes | Invizij Architects

    NIMBYs in the news: Current design: Previous designs:
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    James St N / Jamesville (Hamilton, ON)

    Don’t know if there is a thread for this project but here’s some news on it.
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    Toronto | The West – Condominiums at Stationwest | ?m | 6s | Adi | Icon

    This place has the worst visitor parking situation I’ve ever experienced. There is an unnecessary amount of handicap parking, yet all of the condos they serve are 3-4 stories and a roof, all stairs. Two of the few visitor spots have just been reserved for a car share company. There is...
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    Toronto | King & Paradise Student Residence | 19.25m | 6s | Gateway Group | Lintack Architects

    Nimbys have been fighting this one for quite a few years now
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    59-61 King St (Hamilton, Core Urban, 4s, Lintack Architects)

    Here’s a newer pic of this building from Gore Park and what’s been coming up around it. Taken from the Cobalt thread:
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    Toronto | McMaster Graduate Student Residence | 97.9m | 30s | Knightstone | Diamond Schmitt

    You might think you’re only joking, but the first floor used to be painted red/orange until they threw the light grey over it.
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    Toronto | M3 at M City | 260.29m | 77s | Rogers Real Estate | IBI Group

    On the topic, I’m having a hard time understanding the shape of this buildings sloped crown. I can’t find any renderings of the other side but I imagine it will have something mechanical like on the top of L Tower?