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    Calgary | 633 Third Avenue | 167m | 46s | Bentall Kennedy | Gibbs Gage

    Bentall is management company. They managed real estate assets for BCIMC until BCI released their own real estate arm, Quadreal. Properties have been slowly transferred from Bentall, GWLRA to Quadreal since.
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    Toronto | 2721 Danforth | 177.55m | 55s | Tri-Metro Investments | RAW Design

    The transit connections justifies higher densities but this is well beyond reason. We've become so accustomed to 50 storey towers everywhere. That doesn't make it an ideal affordable alternative or one that offers a high quality of life. It makes sense in a downtown with all the available...
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    Toronto | T3 Bayside | 42m | 10s | Hines | 3XN

    I'm not entirely convinced it's a sign of confidence. Heads would roll if this was put on hold. Still a chance at saving those heads completing it. to add: It's a little early to stop construction in any case. It's only being a terrible quarter or two,
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    Toronto | Artform | ?m | 17s | Emblem Developments | Studio JCI

    One of Starlight Investment's colour schemes. This one was recently repainted. Old,-79.2825345,3a,75y,292.55h,110.84t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s5Z3rZx0sp07yb-wPprvaJA!2e0!5s20160701T000000!7i13312!8i6656 New...
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    Toronto | Waterfront Innovation Centre | 53.03m | 11s | Waterfront Toronto | Sweeny &Co

    New York was built at the beginning of the last century. Masonry beats spandrel glass. This also gives New York a long history of city building by comparison and, IMHO, a much better perspective. Height is far down the list. Density and step backs are strictly capped. The byproduct of strict...
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    The G2 | 155.2m | 46s | Greenwin | Sweeny &Co

    Preserving the potential for quality public spaces over private housing above the ground is paramount at the aggressive densities currently being built downtown. It's absolutely terrible developers are using affordable housing as a tactic to convince council to compromise on sound planning...
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    70 Spadina Road (11s, balcony recladding)

    Wasn't this originally brick with glass balconies?
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    Toronto | 405 Sherbourne | 84.4m | 25s | CreateTO | SvN

    Ultimately price determines how much buildable density is needed. The site had a couple failed condo developments over the years so developers were interested. The location was too hard a sell. It has as of right zoning from 15 to 20 years ago. It's unfortunate that zoning is no longer...
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    Toronto | 77 East | ?m | 16s | Podium

    Perhaps a blessing in disguise. I'm fond of the phone number firm too. I haven't seen all of their project that have come to fruition. A high percentage are grossly value engineered of the ones I have. I can't imagine what Toronto developers would do. Their collective average has them number one...
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    Toronto | Exchange District Condos | 232m | 72s | Camrost-Felcorp | IBI Group

    We are too accustomed to Toronto's choked, narrow streets with many operating at a single lane in each direction. This isn't how you should build dense downtowns either. Ideally Burnhamthorpe's public boulevard should be narrower with structures built right up to it. It doesn't need fewer...
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    Calgary | 11th + 11th | 138m | 44s | Intergulf | Ramsay Worden

    The blue glass looks great at first sight. Good job at colour matching the spandrel. It would look better if all the panels (not necessarily including the operational panels) had the same width. It's not many that aren't. Probably why they stand out more.The white panels don't compliment the...
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    Calgary | The Hub | ?m | 28s | Campus Suites | ARK Inc.

    Can't take anyone seriously that speaks of the Eiffel Tower and the Pompidou Center in the same sentence as a cheap, sandwich clad student residence. It's not distastful for a student residence however, some oddly placed offset windows doesn't make it any thought provoking. It's insulting to...
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    Calgary | West Village Towers | 150m | 41s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    I never liked the design of the towers. The curtain wall cladding made these more appetizing. There's too much going in the curtain wall pattern. This shift in cladding adds more emphasis on the awkward shaped crown.
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    Toronto | 666 Spadina Avenue | 41m | 11s | Cromwell | IBI Group

    They really went bargain basement on the balconies.
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    Toronto | 666 Spadina Avenue | 41m | 11s | Cromwell | IBI Group

    The Architect (no, not a Matrix reference) is the only one.