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    York United FC Stadium/National Soccer Training Facility (at Woodbine Racetrack)

    It kind of sucks to watch soccer in a stadium with a running track. Apparently they were planning to move the seating closer to the field but now York is hosting a major track event next year so they won't be making any major renos
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    Free speech or hate speech??

    You can laugh it off all your want but it's true
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    Free speech or hate speech??

    Those aren't the only ones. But if you want to continue to keep your head in the sand that's your prerogative. It's common knowledge that Twitter is a sewer.
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    Free speech or hate speech??

    Ya right
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    Free speech or hate speech??

    Twitter is known for letting Nazis and white supremacist run rampant. It's laughable to say there is too much social justice on it
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    2019 Canadian Federal Election

    Scheer is done. Once the CTV reporters start coming after you with articles like that its over.
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    Free speech or hate speech??

    The speaker was banned for life from Twitter for personally attacking a number of trans users. Which is saying a lot considering what a sewer Twitter has become.
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    IHOP restaurants expansion in the GTA

    I find most places that do have it upcharge for it. Which annoys me. It's like Italian restaurants that don't use real parmigiano cheese
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    Does Toronto Have Enough Tourist Pull?

    I believe it partly has to do with changes they made to the baseball field (the dirt infield). This was used as the excuse for kicking out the Argos.
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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    That wasn't really the question though?
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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    Vancouver to Victoria is shorter (at least in terms of Airport distance). Lots of flights between those 2 cities.
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    IHOP restaurants expansion in the GTA

    Breakfast places seem to be popping up on every corner now. Surprised this didn't happen sooner
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    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Just saw on Twitter that Metroman has a tip that Doug Ford will not run in 2022. I know fully expect him to stay on as leader until he is voted out.
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    The seemingly terminal decline of Tim Hortons

    They may be in decline. But they are still super busy. Especially in the morning.
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    TCDSB to charge teachers for parking at school lots!

    I pay to park for work. Should I get reimbursed too?