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  1. Towered

    Toronto | 3326 Bloor West | 170.64m | 52s | CreateTO | Adamson

    I looked at their post history as well, and there wasn't really anything to indicate that such an offensive post would suddenly appear out of nowhere from them. Very bizarre.
  2. Towered

    Toronto | 100 Eglinton Square | ?m | 35s

    Well, they went all-out retro 2000 theme, complete with CLRV!
  3. Towered

    2022 Russian-Ukrainian War

    Probably some government goof off-screen signaling to her to push back against the VERY inconvenient facts being unexpectedly presented...
  4. Towered

    Toronto | 3326 Bloor West | 170.64m | 52s | CreateTO | Adamson

    It actually made me do a double take due to how casual it was. How long have I been on UT, 15 years? First time I've reported a post. That's 2 today alone! 😆
  5. Towered


    ...and Torontonians will happily line up for 5 hours just to get in!
  6. Towered

    Toronto | 8 Jopling Ave S | 109.6m | 33s | Amdev | Graziani + Corazza

    More than 90 extra parking spaces... 😆
  7. Towered

    Toronto Eaton Centre

    Talk about misleading marketing - I expect more flamboyant designs from a store called Psycho Bunny. Typically bland mainstream 🤣
  8. Towered

    Mayor John Tory's Toronto

    Nobody reads these signs. They are easily ignored.
  9. Towered

    2022 43rd Ontario general election (June 2, 2022?)

    It's interesting how since the election period started, all of Del Duca's appearances have suddenly been without his previously ever-present glasses. Desperate attempt to make him less nerdy looking? (not working)
  10. Towered

    2022 43rd Ontario general election (June 2, 2022?)

    Publicly opposing high rise developments, whether genuine or feigned, always plays well to local community groups.
  11. Towered

    Toronto | 2947 Bloor West | 29.2m | 7s | RioCan | RAW Design

    Yeah, and maybe in another 5 years a sales centre will open!
  12. Towered

    Toronto | 16 Centre Ave | 38.81m | 10s | Trolleybus | IBI Group

    I keep getting fooled by this thread, thinking it's on Centre Avenue downtown...
  13. Towered

    Toronto | Crosstown Line 5 West Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    Precisely, it's just classic smoke and mirrors politicking at the local level. A councilor who values re-election needs to be seen to be sympathetic and responsive to community concerns, even though they know damn well that no tangible results will emerge from their "action". It's all just a BS...
  14. Towered

    Evocative Images of Lost Toronto

    What's there now?
  15. Towered

    2022 Russian-Ukrainian War

    Amazing, and very ominous for Russia. This is why their complacency is hilariously delusional with regard to today's announcement that Kherson region will soon request to be formally incorporated into Russia. They seemingly have no idea of the shitstorm that's coming. Ukraine have openly...