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    Calgary | 1400 On 10th | 24m | 7s | Trimount

    What is the Lausanne & Montreux dream?
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    Calgary | Hotel Alps | 21m | 6s | The Alps Group | Max Tayefi Architect

    Yeah, it looks exactly the same as the rendering. The only difference it is not a hotel anymore.
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    Calgary | 19+2 | 16m | 5s | FAAS Architecture

    Hopefully hose trees can survive.
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    Calgary's Kensington

    I haven't been down to Kensington area for some time now. How are the businesses doing these days? There were a number of them closing down during the pandemic.
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    Calgary | De Havilland Field | 25m | 5s | De Havilland

    Any idea if this has been approved yet?
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    Calgary | The Dells | 48m | 15s | Remington Group | Systemic Architecture

    Beautiful might be strong, but it’s about as beautiful as you'll see for a development in that location. Here in Calgary I think we can get away with calling it beautiful. 😉
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    Alberta Provincial Politics

    The NDP defeating the united right would get a lot of media attention. The national narrative, for Alberta would start to change. As much as the national media likes to focus on the redneck stereotype of Alberta, the same national media would also love to run with the story of left defeating...
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    Calgary | Mission Landing | 26m | 6s | Opus Corporation | Casola Koppe

    The new one is a much better design IMO, due to the materials, and the general massing but to be honest, even the old design as bad as it was, was still a win for this particular parcel.
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    Trees in Calgary

    If I'm not mistaken, the fluff comes from the Cottonwood variety. Specifically the male ones.
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    Calgary Flames Official Thread

    Man, the Flames are struggling lately. I know that three of the last four losses have been against teams with better records, but still. Doesn't seem to be any chemistry on that top line.
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    Alberta Provincial Politics

    I chose NDP. I'm not even a huge fan of the NDP the party, but I like Notley as a leader, and a message needs to be sent to the UCP -This is the 21st century, and urban areas and urban issues are where you need to focus,
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    General Construction Updates

    Wow, that is a nice looking building.
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    Calgary | The Block on 4th | 16.76m | 5s | Indevelopments | Indevelopments

    It’s not half bad. I can still remember what it looked like when it was a crumbling parking lot with a rundown Chinese restaurant, covered in pink stucco.
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    Calgary | The Block on 4th | 16.76m | 5s | Indevelopments | Indevelopments

    It turned out A bit better than the rendering, as the podium looks much better. The upper portion looks the same to me.