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Jan 24, 2009
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Hi everyone!

Attached are 4 different kitchen/dining options (A-D) for my future home at Berczy. I am struggling to decide what configuration will work best for the space with future resale in mind. The living and dining space is approx. 22' x 15'.

Please let me know your thoughts and which option you prefer.
Thank you so much.


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I like A or D

Without an island you won't have a lot of counter space which will be a harder sell to women. And with the huge island it will be difficult for you/others to host a formal dinner without rearranging your living room.

Unless you're throwing massive dinner's A & D should both provide enough seating, how you orient the table is your own preference. But you may want to move the island/table another foot to foot and a half away from the main counter-top to allow more space to move around while cooking in the kitchen.

As for resale, I think anything with a small island will be easier to sell. You don't find too many people looking for 2 bedroom condos with enough space to fit a 12 seat dining room table.
i prefer D's layout.

you will want the added counterspace and storage with an island.
is it a builder option, or something you are doing yourself?
if builder, will it be fixed or mobile? what are the dimensions of the island and table?

how many cooks/ppl will be living here?
if more than 2, ensure you have at least 36" from kitchen to island. 39-42" is better, otherwise, you will find yourself bumping to each other when more than 2 ppl are working in the area, problems opening the dishwasher, stove, etc.
the same applies to the dining table.
You and I are in the same boat as I have the C1 unit which is similar in the sense of needing to create an island/seating area in front of the kitchen.

Recall this thread from before sales started:!

I think you are on the right track with D but a bit over optimistic in the size of the island and seating area. You need more space between the island and the kitchen. Your dining table is too large for your space (draw on the page the opening of your fridge and you will see what I mean). You likely should max out your dining seating to four if you want any half decent island space. A compromise is likely required between the two.

In terms of design, what I plan to do is to custom build a combination island/seating area which is completely integrated. I am thinking of having the dining area either drop down from counter height of the island to table height (old school) or go the other way and slightly raise the table height to just above the counter height as shown in this example which is out of focus but you get the idea (new school). I am preferring the latter at the moment but would have the table much wider than shown in the fuzzy photo.


There are many iterations possible but would recommend you hire a kitchen/interior designer to help out on putting something together if you have the budget for it. If you want to piggyback with me and work together and hire one person to do both, PM me but note I am not even going to start thinking about this until Q3 2013.

Thanks everyone for your help! I am leaning towards A/D. I do want the island to be fixed and the dining table unfixed. The builder does not allow for this upgrade so I will need to move in first and measure out the area properly. Chances are I will not be in the Berczy until mid-2013.
Thanks everyone for your help! I am leaning towards A/D. I do want the island to be fixed and the dining table unfixed. The builder does not allow for this upgrade so I will need to move in first and measure out the area properly. Chances are I will not be in the Berczy until mid-2013.

It will be past mid-2013 for sure. Likely Sept. 2013 at the earliest in my opinion for the lower floors, with the higher floors maybe even 2014. Yikes!
A/D would work. I can't believe how big the master bedroom is, you don't see that size anymore. Great floor plan by the way. Congrats!
C imo is the best. Its a condo where space is scarce. Also the huge island/bar would look chic and modern. Really like the tri purpose , as it can be a place to serve the food, capable to have a full family size dinner and also act like a bar for quick eats and drinks. Otherwise i like A , but i don't know, the dining table is still inside the kitchen area. You are not really getting away.

Imo go with C, its cool and fits your place
I agree that you should definitely choose an option with a smaller island and table combination, or a full island. I think you can get good resale either way, but consider whether the average condo buyer really needs a dining table...

My vote is for a unique island and dining table pairing. Get a nice table that really fits the space and coordinates. The main concern would be perfecting the dimensions of the island to maximize space use.
Thank so much everyone!!! I am leaning towards C, and the half closer to the window I will have space for seating on both sides so the island is more if a dining experience. I like the idea of the huge working kitchen space vs. a smaller space with a dining table. I think the space is too small to try to fit in both. So, I will focus on making the grand working space.

I still have a year until I am in this unit but I will be sure to post pictures :)
Agree C is pretty cool. Now if you change your mind and really want a dining table I like D for that