The 'Block on 4th' probably belongs on this list. Has to be at least from 2017 or 2018. Also considering the smaller scale of the project...bonus points just for that...
Forgot about that one! Looks like the first equipment arrives on scene Oct 2019, definitely one of the long-timers. Also changed the date of Oliver to Apr 2014.

Oliver Apr 2014
The Barron Dec 2018
Block on 4th Oct 2019
Alt Hotel Dec 2019
Vivo ~ Dec 2019
Alvaro Feb 2020
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To be fair. The project that eventually became Oliver was supposed to be all office. It was put on hold when the commercial office market fell off a cliff. When the owner/developer decided that the market for new office was never coming back, the decision was made to turn the space into residential.

Yeah it's okay. Inoffensive, but I expected more from Minto.