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Kirkor are the types that mess up anything given to them. I'm not impressed by the design firm out of Chicago either.
The rendering on the cover page is black & white. Retail at the base of the 7 story building and what looks like might be a roof top garden which connects with the taller structure. This tender has definitely been fleshed out more than last year's which was pretty rudimentary. They are still calling this preliminary so I gather the final tab that comes in will finalize the financing question. This looks like it is legit but when it starts will probably be market driven. We will know as soon as the Resource Furniture store which is on site now, has a sign on it saying 'Closing or Moving'.
I chatted with one of the owners of Resource Furniture a couple months ago, and I seem to recall him mentioning that they're moving in September.
I mentioned it was going ahead :) Glad to see this!
Can you post said render? Are there any other visuals you can share?

So the front page render is unlikely the design?

There is no question that the front page render is not the design. It hasn't been for apparently quite some time, at least since Stantec took over the project. I can't share any details, but it's quite a bit more run-of-the-mill than the previous design.