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As weird as it is to say, I think the street interaction would've been improved a lot more if the doors were just nicer, or if there was a look into the lobby. This just looks like some shady back entrance. Compare that to BLVD:
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BLVD has just as many issues (if not more) - facing a busy car-oriented street, there are steps up for flooding protection, but it just looks a lot more welcoming
Every street-facing edge of this POS looks like it was treated as a back entrance. Every angle of WVT is absolutely tragic from the ground level. I can't remember the last time i've seen a mixed-use tower put so little thought into the at-grade interaction in a way that this is completely offensive from an urban design standpoint.

What’s this slope behind the West Village towers?
It's the lazy, cheap, and ugly way of doing it. That's essentially Cidex's motto.
Why spend millions more to use shoring when this will work perfectly fine. Any contractor / developer would do it this way if it were an option, especially if there is a future parkade phase in the near-ish future.