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Count me in as someone not happy with more identical twins. We should be called twin city. I'm not a fan of the guardian towers for this reason and the fact that they are so tall they stick out like a sore thumb.
Yup, and these are even taller than the Guardians, and in my opinion look worse. Though of course that part is subjective.
The sad/awful part is that this podium is a fair nicer than Edmonton's new library, but yes, I see what you mean. They are both terrible.
How many floors on the second tower before we start to see glazing? I assume they have solved their supply issues and it won't be such a lag? Or, will they finish the first tower before they start the second?
Hi All,
I Know the 1st/2nd Towers are On the Way Up etc. Questions? Are the Tops
Going to B an All Glass Format of Sorts? It looks that Way in the Renderings
but not all to Sure.
Tnx, Operater.
What the hell is that black wall of spandrel in the last pic? Talk about killing a project. The actual tower I quite like (shape and even the glazing). I hate the podium and all the spandrel. It would have looked amazing with vision glass (would have made the tower appear as if it were floating). If the crown looks like the podium we are screwed!