No change from Aug 17 😐

Frustrating to see this moving so slowly, but at least it's moving. I wonder if Eagle Crest is going to do exterior on Trail19 first, and then do this one?
Looks like a decent sized retail bay(s) at the base, will be interesting to see how that works. Richmond Road here is super weird due to the realignment of the streets at the time of Crowchild Trail construction, so it's not fronting onto a "main street", but rather an weird vestigial edge of a former main street. Still, there's huge money and population growth in every direction with zero retail growth outside of Marda Loop itself so perhaps not surprising.

My suspicion is that the retail alignment is banking on the redevelopment of that abandoned Viscount Bennett school site to the immediate south. There's been lots of interest in the past for the site, as it's likely the largest single redevelopment opportunity in the area in a single parcel. Could easily fit a few hundred units of different configurations on the parcel, more if you include a tower or two. With an permanently hot redevelopment market and really high prices in all directions I would expect/hope some interest to really do something uniquely interesting here.

The Viscount Bennett site is highlighted in yellow, it's approximately the same size as the entire main stretch of Marda Loop, to put it into perspective on the large size.

The retail would need to be destination type businesses. At least until the Chinook College site gets redeveloped.
The retail would need to be destination type businesses. At least until the Chinook College site gets redeveloped.
There's somewhere between 1000 and 1400 people who live closer to this site than any other retail - and not counting anyone on the other side of Crowchild, which I think is a mentally impassable barrier. And it's a reasonably well-off area. I suspect a well curated coffee shop or diner type place could make a go of it. The nearest coffee shops are Marda Loop (other side of Crowchild again) and then 1 km west of the site on 26th or 1 km north on 17th. Obviously not as good a site as one actually facing 26th though.
No coffee AFAIK, but there are some restaurants, and other shops like thrift store/convenience/liquor/dry cleaners nearby at 28 St and Richmond Rd. When I lived around there, there was a katsu place and a run down Chinese/Western diner, and I read there's a fondue/bar there now.

There was also a small strip at 29 St and 26 Ave SW with a cannabis shop, barber, and a 7-11 across the street. There was an independent ice cream shop there for a while, but I wouldn't be surprised if it closed. Not a great location