Since it was asked in another thread:

Utility work - including burying overhead lines - begins this month and will continue into early 2022. Streetscape work from 109-112 Streets begins next year.

My vision for 105th Avenue? Take out the parking lanes and make the road a Streetcar-LRT/Bikeway. The fact that the LRT was originally planned to run from the CN Tower to the now VIA station by the old airport and hasn't been built is an urban planning crime. All that wasted time and energy to obscure the path of an almost straight line if you take into the account the gentle rail curve at 121 St... New LRT stations at MacEwan-108 St, Oliver East-112 St, Oliver West-116 St and then another few at 107, 111 and 118 Ave before stopping at VIA Edmonton. One line.6 miles, 6 stations or so... That was the plan in 1974 and that SHOULD be the plan in 2024... Edmonton needs to work on creating a vision and sticking to it. Right now the city is fragmented mess of too many cooks in the broth all trying to put their stamp on the city... Why not create a single long-term viable blue print and stick to it...
Drove through this today and man, felt like a mess. But a lot of potential! I really hope they clean this up soon with all the new mid rises going in. Would be nice to see more trees planted though. Felt concrete heavy, even next to new developments.

Also, I never really realized the scale of the graveyard there. Spans a few square blocks. Anyone knownthe history of that site? Pretty central place to have such a massive one. Do other big cities also have gravesights that date way back in Central areas?
Well, New York has a graveyard a few metres from Wall Street, if I remember right. The old Trinity church on Broadway?

(I'm not sure if I should include a happy face in this post, ha)
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A few shots of the eastern section of Columbus Ave.
2021-01-30 271.JPG2021-01-30 256.JPG2021-01-30 265.JPG2021-01-30 259.JPG2021-01-30 268.JPG2021-01-30 258.JPG2021-01-30 260.JPG
I'm liking the direction this area is going in, and those are some nice new buildings... now let's get some sidewalks in there so people don't have to walk on the road 😄
This is a perfect place for an ERRS extension -- something to liven the place, especially in the persistent shadow cast by the winter sun. Maybe we could get @Platinum107 to imagineer a creative way to connect an extension of the High Level Bridge line to this part of Columbia Avenue (c'mon -- I know you can do it; show off your talent!). It can share the road with other modes of traffic.