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Sep 22, 2015
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Images source: DIALOG

Confirmed retailers:
Shoppers Drug Mart
Loblaws City Market
MEC (moving from 102 Ave / 124 St. location)
GoodLife Fitness


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@Marcanadian There was a big kerfuffle over the design when this was proposed; being centrally located and on the doorstep of a future LRT station, the neighbourhood and council desperately wanted something more dense and less car-oriented, but the developer wouldn't budge. There's hints that once the LRT comes they may bury the parking and fill it in with buildings, but I'm very skeptical of that ever happening.
Loving that original Molson building, that is going to be the highlight of the new development. Not sure why they are building around ground-level parking though, seems odd.
Historic designations are a brewin'
City invests $4.1M to preserve former Molson Brewery buildings

The City of Edmonton has formally designated two buildings on the former Molson Brewery site as a Municipal Historic Resource, after approval from City Council.

The Edmonton Brewing and Malting Company Ltd. Building and the Administration Office Building are located in Oliver, west of Edmonton’s downtown. Situated on a large urban lot located at the corner of 121 Street NW and Stony Plain Road/104 Avenue NW, the larger Brewing and Malting Company building was built in 1913. The smaller Administration Office Building was built in 1924/25. The designation applies only to the general footprint of the two remaining portions of the historic structures, and not to the balance of the Brewery District redevelopment site.

Both buildings were also recently designated as Provincial Historic Resources.

Edmonton City Council approved annual rehabilitation grant payments for the Edmonton Brewing and Malting Company Ltd. Building of up to $417,550 from the Heritage Reserve Fund to the owner from 2016 - 2025. However, the owner will be required to complete the identified rehabilitation work to the building by December 31, 2021. This investment is the largest rehabilitation grant provided to an individual project from the Heritage Reserve Fund in the history of Edmonton’s historic resources management program. While both buildings will be rehabilitated, no grants from the Heritage Reserve Fund are being directed towards work on the Administration Office Building.

“This brewery was initially built to replace a smaller brewery in Rossdale,” says David Johnston, Principal Heritage Planner. “It had a few owners throughout the years; it’s final years were spent under the Molson Canada banner, which is how most Edmontonians would remember it. This site provides structural evidence of brewing in Alberta and the evolution of the brewery industry in Edmonton.”

The Brewing and Malting Company building’s combination of practical design and artistic styling is a hallmark of Chicago-based architect, Bernard Barthel. Specializing in industrial buildings, particularly breweries, Barthel’s designs exemplified Revivalist details, often described as “castle-like” or “feudalistic.” Barthel designed industrial facilities and breweries across North America; however, little remains of his work. Barthel is not believed to have designed the Administration Office Building, but its design complements that of the main brewery building itself. The separation of administrative functions in this small, detached building is typical of twentieth century industrial sites in Alberta.

The City's Historic Resource Management Plan outlines the City's mission to identify, protect and promote the preservation and use of historic resources. The plan contains 24 policies and 88 action items that direct how Edmonton's heritage should be preserved and celebrated. Designation as a Municipal Historic Resource ensures protection from demolition or inappropriate alterations to a historic resource.

Source: City of Edmonton
Molson Brewery gets closer to brewing again
A former brewery is edging closer to brewing again as the new owners of the historic Molson building prepare for what they hope is a busy summer construction season.

Ralph Huizinga, a vice-president with First Capital Realty Inc., said they’ve spent just under $2 million so far investigating the former Molson building, removing interiors and shoring up walls, and are in the process of finalizing permit applications to begin work in the coming months.

Plans for the old brewery — and current inspiration for the soon-to-be opened Brewery District — are to eventually house a new microbrewery, as well as office space above.

Full Story (Metro Edmonton)
I like the idea of investigating a building. Lots of magnifying glasses, that kind of thing.

But this is definitely a cool restoration project/the people want microbreweries.
@bennessb Hahaha, I didn't even notice that, good catch.

If by some fluke I hit it big in the stock market, I would seriously consider investigating (lol) in a microbrewery. If I ever hit it big enough to retire early, I would consider starting my own meadery + brewery.

Oh, the things we dream.