What do you think of this project?

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When do we think the second tower gets shovels in the ground
I asked someone who would know and was told that it was essentially undecided but likely 2025. They likely want to wait and see how cash flow is once this one is complete and starts renting out. I believe it's still TBD whether tower 2 will be condos or rentals.

Is that standard suburban deck railing? If so, disappointing.
Looks like the same stuff on my patio here in Icon 1….. :confused:
Looks like the same stuff on my patio here in Icon 1….. :confused:
Somebody at Langham 20 years ago found a screaming deal on railing at Uncle Weiners Surplus Liquidation and scooped it ALL up.

Edit: for those who are wondering that is a legit liquidation place on the west side and freaking awesome. lol
Smoked glass too expensive? This looks cheap and uncoordinated with the curtain wall.
Were we really expecting better from the people that brought us such architectural masterpieces as the Icons and Foxes?

Gotta remember that these units are serving purchasers and renters who are looking for function over form. If it means maintaining affordable prices in the core and getting more people into the area, I'm all for it.
I know this website rewards posts that look at things glass-half-full, but how do you know this? It's unclear how affordable these rentals will be as far as I'm aware and if it's keeping with market averages or even higher, then it's not going to do much to keep things (relatively affordable) with our growth rates. And regardless of affordability, do you know that the future residents of the Falcon Towers actually don't care that their building is ugly so long as it's functional? While I'm sure a functional unit is a top priority for future tenants, I doubt many would turn their nose up at having a beautiful building to call home. How do we know those who wind up in Falcon wouldn't go for something else if there was a broader range of options in nicer looking buildings? Langham's advertising for Falcon emphasizes its architectural quality and its renderings purposefully obfuscate the cheap punched windows look by keeping it behind rendered shimmery balconies. So they're clearly trying to attract a certain discerning clientele.
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