What do you think of the design of Southpark?

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Sep 22, 2015
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A combined development of 535,000sf of residential units, 30,000sf of live work units, 87,000sf of retail, 32,000sf of office and an 11,000sf community centre on four separate urban parcels of land.



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Finally, an upgrade proposal that far outshines the original concept! And look how dominant the lane is in this project -- more nooks and crannies to explore; more places for @Daveography to snap urban scenes.
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Higher-res renders and plans:









Source: http://southparkonwhyte.com/

Attended the open-house; a few notes:
  • Lots of emphasis on activating the laneway, ensuring it is pedestrian-focused, well-lit
  • Interest in putting live-work units in laneway
  • Possibility for subsidized units, but no commitment (commented that a commitment would probably go a long way to helping their rezoning request)
  • Optimistically build-out would be completed within five years of starting
  • Renders are close to desired product, but by no means final
  • There are two renders for 81 Ave., one showing an existing house, one without - they have so far been unable to acquire that last house, but are working on it.
  • Area 2 is directly adjacent to The Mezzo, which will be built on the eastern part of that block
  • Architect is now Stantec (gBL is now out of the picture I think)
DRAFT DC1: http://southparkonwhyte.com/wp-cont...thPark_DC1_Provision_Submission_20may2016.pdf

Project/thread title update:
Edmonton | Southpark on Whyte | 65m | 18s | WAM Development | Stantec


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A couple of things @Daveography -- the design has gbl written all over it (perhaps Stantec is the architect of record?); this is the best lane activation that I have yet seen and bodes well for emphasizing that in future developments (street becomes more pedestrian-active; there is no front/back to design elements; great for Strathcona); I can imagine that construction won't begin until next year and, in total, is a 2+ year build-out which would bring it close to 5 years; is Mezzo a "go" for this year? This project will be a huge boost for the ever-expanding Old Strathcona precinct.
New development in the works for Whyte Avenue
Wheaton Properties, which owns the land where the Southpark Pontiac Buick GMC dealership used to be, is now looking at developing the site.

Located on the south side of Whyte Avenue, on both sides of 106 Street, the large parcel of land would be broken up into four areas.

The dealership was a fixture on the strip for more than half a century, but it closed its doors around 2008 during the financial crisis as GMC shut down hundreds of dealerships.

“It’s been an empty site, we store cars on it today,” Andrea Wheaton, Wheaton properties director, said.

“But we think there can be so much more vitality generated from this site.”

For years the company sought out another dealership for the site – but now they’re re-imagining the space.

The development, which is in its early stages, would be mixed use – with walkable retail and residential space.

Nancy MacDonald, Stantec’s community development leader, is a consultant on the project.

She said the site could see as many as 1,200 residential units in towers up to five storeys tall on Whyte Avenue and 18 storeys tall on 81 Avenue. Some people are already saying that’s too tall.

Full Story (Global Edmonton)
Condo towers proposed for long-vacant Southpark Motors lot
At least one Whyte Avenue resident is unhappy with a plan to transform a vacant car dealership lot into a series of residential and commercial towers.

"I am not overly impressed," says Jessica Schroedl. "I bought my condo because it was in a small four-storey walk-up area, and it was quiet.

"After a couple of months of buying my condo, there's been a lot of highrises that have been planned to be done, and it's all in one area."

Schroedl was one of dozens of people who attended an open house Tuesday night to discuss the bold development, which would include three 21-storey residential towers behind a four- to five-storey commercial building.

Full Story (CBC Edmonton)