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Transfer beam in all it’s glory.
Yes, and it will subtend another 35 floors of apartment building above the 5 floors already in place, the rebar for the 6th floor already peeking above the transfer beam melange. The pedway connection to the Churchill station and all of the other points of interest in between and next to -- AGA, RAM, City Hall, Winspear, Library, Citadel and the Park if done to perfection should lead to some subterranean wonderment (like the lowline concept in NYC) that provides a grand surface palette for Art Gallery Expansion -- "AGA Underground" might be a suitable moniker, enabling an artistic experimental space that features showings of up-and-coming Alberta Artists. City admin. types should grab a hold of this with both hands giving it as much attention and voice as the Warehouse District Park.
Is it concrete confirmation that it is going from 25 to 35? If so, that would make sense with the transfer beam..
Is it concrete confirmation that it is going from 25 to 35? If so, that would make sense with the transfer beam..
No, it is not. They revised one of their previous permits to say that the east building would be 5 storeys. It doesn't look like anything was issued or received by City Planning to indicate 35 for what is available to see publicly. Could it happen? Sure. If it does, though, it isn't imminent.
Thank you for words of wisdom! Should it extend beyond the height of illustrations, once permitted, I won't complain.

Chinatown generally as far as petty crime goes has been quiet. There’s been an increase in police presence so there’s a drop in dumb and petty crime like broken windows and car break ins. You’ll still have ongoing disputes between specific people that are generally isolated. Business owners in Chinatown don’t seem to shy away anymore from parking in front of their shops. I’ve seen plenty of nice cars parked in front of shops so the general police presence has made people somewhat safer. It does lead to a big contrast as today I saw a Lamborghini Urus parked outside a shop while there was a homeless person passed out on the curb beside it. The only solution left is to “clean up” the streets. The only way to do that is to get the people off the street which is it’s own complicated thing. Nice to see things calm down a bit tho.