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Sep 23, 2015
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LDA21-0159 The Clifton- Westmount

This application proposes to rezone the site at 10143 & 10145 Clifton Place NW, from an existing Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2.959(External link)) to a new DC2. The existing DC2 provides regulations for three areas (A, B & C) along the southwest side of Clifton Place. The proposed revisions are for Area A only. Areas B and C will remain as is with minor updates to remove Area A, and to update terminology to match current Zoning Bylaw standards.

The proposed DC2 Provision for Area A maintains the following existing regulations for a residential tower:
A maximum height of 55 metres;
A maximum Floor Area Ratio of 3.0; and
A maximum 55 dwellings; and
A maximum Tower Floor Plate of 650 m2.

The proposed revisions to the DC2 are summarized as follows:
Removal of row housing style dwellings at grade fronting Clifton Place;
Adjusting tower outline to remove the podium component;
Revising the site layout to move the building further north on the lot;
Updating to current Zoning Bylaw standards for landscaping and sustainable design; and
Revisions to the community amenity contribution.

The existing community contributions include the provision for:

$46,000 for public art; and
A trail and viewpoint behind the property, connecting between a public access easement along the southeast property line and the public park located to the northwest of the site.

The proposed community contribution would provide:

Provide funds for the future development of a trail behind property;
Upgrade/resurface the rest of Clifton Place NW, improve the sidewalk along the southwest of Clifton Place NW and upgrade the connection between Clifton Place NW and Jasper Avenue/125 Street.


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Reminds me of a lot of architecture in the middle east. That big wall to keep the sun out.

Not sure edmonton needs that as much though haha
Who knows with these heatwaves man lol
I actually don't mind the design of the building actually, although I do hope that they put a garden or something in the back where they're showing that big grass patch.

This does kinda smell lika a rezone an' flip sitch tho which would suck.
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I'd be somewhat surprised by the rezone and flip scenario. The rezoning doesn't actually ask for any additional height, units or FAR - it's just to change the building orientation, form, and design from the current DC2. The urban design brief notes the renders and figures were supplied by Edgar and mckinley studios (whose work looks pretty solid). If Edgar is involved, they certainly don't have a reputation for flipping. This seems to be more about the limitations of direct control zoning than any sort of cash grab.

Worth noting that the material choices look really good (the SW elevation is mostly glass). Whatever your thoughts are on the architecture - I personally love it - we're talking about a pretty high quality effort here.
The Urban Design Brief included on the Engaged Edmonton page does refer to the photos in @IanO's first post as 'renderings' for what it's worth (hence my use of the term). The elevation/massing model I included showed the specificity of proposed materials, which is what I wanted to highlight. The proposed DC2 includes these same elevation/massing models (specifying materials) as an appendix, along with the standard "high quality materials, no vinyl, etc." text.

I'm sure there's still room for changes, value engineering, etc. but this seems like a pretty good-faith indication of what they're trying to build. If it isn't and this gets value engineered down to stucco panels, it will probably be incredibly mediocre.
You realize who's proposing this....Edgar Developments. And how many rezone and flips have they done....none. This is going to be a very high end project with large units catering to an affluent demographic.
My bad! Didn't see the developer listed anywhere.