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Some notes from the UDI Oliverbahn tour yesterday. I’ll share some pictures my buddy took soon too.

1. The courtyard is awesome. Most surprising aspect was the noise dampening. It’s got me sold on how whyte, Jasper, etc could benefit a lot from this form to create quieter pockets for patios and retail.

2. The windows and outside look ok, but sounds like they were a value engineering reality of covid times. Original plan was a tower too.

3. They have active negotiations on ALL CRUs currently. So hopefully some more announcements soon on who will join coffee bureau and kb &co.

4. Mercury block 2 will likely be renamed, but is getting going on demolition and will be the exact same as this building, just a flipped orientation (U shaped opening currently faces east. Next time it’ll be west).

5. The have purchased the apartments on the 3rd corner of that intersection. So SE of this one, and south of the church. Sounds like that could potentially be more like a tower vs the 2 mercury’s.

Overall, very excited for this project.