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Aug 30, 2010
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What do you guys think?

At Emerald City Condos - Mimosa

Suite Area: 700sq ft
Balcony Area: 90sq ft
Total Area: 790sq ft



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for some reason, i don't see anything attached ...

that's happening alot for me recently ... is there a setting i'm missing for UT?
It is an efficient use of space, but looks tight to me in some ways. For example, is there even room for a dresser in the bedroom between the end of the bed and the wall (or does that have to go in the closet?). Also, in general, I'm wondering if someone can answer the following question -- Are the depicted furniture items in these plans "regular" sized or smaller condo-sized. For example, can you stretch out on that sofa depicted in the living room (e.g. head to toe 6 foot guy without having to prop feet or head?). Also, an issue I have with many new condos is the lack of space in the washroom for towels and other items, and the general lack of medicine cabinet at eye level. This unit doesn't really have a linen closet. The entry-way closet to the unit juts out a bit far, making the kitchen space a bit awkward. But overall, compared to many units I've seen, this one is pretty good.
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I've said it before, and I'll say it a condominium from the 80s/90s. twice the square footage for less money. Don't waste your time with this suite...and especially this builder.
overall it is a good floorplan (just narrow 9'0" bedroom)

however it appears that the living room window was wedged in, which suggests there is another unit to the top left of your floor plan, that would raise my concerns on the amount of light / shadow you would experience in the suite, and perhaps limited views to a certain degree

I have a 1+1D from Celebration and have almost exactly the same layout. I am on the 7th floor, so the balcony is 95sqft

I was trying to make a new post, but for some reason, I am not allowed? Anyone else has this problem?


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Pretty good use of space. I don't like that the HVAC unit is in the bedroom, depending on the unit it might be noisy.
Its a nice layout, only problem i see is the lack of closet space. Make sure you get a storgae bed.
Nice and compact, but the lack of storage space may be a big problem. However, it can be solved but requires some very smart interior design ideas.
A storage bed would be a good idea.
For some reason, I found that storage bed is cheaper than a regular bed. That's why I like it.
I used to live in small room when I was younger.
Getting a locker would be a good idea too.
overall it looks like a great layout and efficient use of space...
the slanted bedroom might be a bit awkward for furnitures...