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seems like this one has been in the works forever... absolutely love the design and really like the fact that the heritage building with the peaked roof will be kept and apparently refurbished as part of this project! the renders are great !
Actually, the images are out of date. Fashion House is to be only twelve floors in height, not fourteen. The nine floor "podium" is only eight floors, and the upper setback has also been reduced by one floor.
Without the red curtains, it's still nice, but that dose of colour could really make it bolder and more outstanding. Are they just curtains? The probability of everyone liking red curtains is low.
^^^hey, its not red anymore either! I wonder if that will count as a material change allowing pro red purchases to back out?:rolleyes:

While the red was a nice idea, red is just about the least stable colour when exposed to lots of sunlight, usually fairly quickly fading to pink. Looks good either way.