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This company ( Westbank ) is a total scam. They are a marketing company pretending to be in the real estate business. I purchased a pre-construct at this location back in 2018, here is my experience for the past 4+ years

after they took all my deposit money, it was and continues still to be, impossible to get anyone on the phone at their office. I’ve called the office several dozen times over the years, ONLY once was it ever answered. They never returned any of the voicemails I left, and only occasionally answer an email, never answer any questions only offer company lines as answers. I had to find out about construction delays from other investors, along with other updates as they happened. They leave you to the wolves once they have your money. If one were to do their research on Westbank, one would quickly find they are a SHADY company that has been sued more times than I can count by other investors/tenants. I’m Vancouver? They knowingly installed faulty glass at the ShanGriLa project, then were sued by investors for 6.3 million dollars. This took YEARS to settle. Other Westbank projects such as the Vancouver House were mired by faulty HVAC systems that resulted in the flooding of over 20 floors, resulting in multi millions of damages. If you read one of the many other articles available online, you will find Westbank in controversy after controversy. They are a scam, they will scam you like they scammed me, so don’t deal with them. This builder has an extremely shady and dishonest past, including cheaping out on labour and materials. They market themselves as a “luxury” developer but if you read about the “luxury” provided for 1.3 million dollars at the Vancouver House project, you will see how poorly the materials used and the finishes were. Worst of all, if you read about all of the nightmarish problems owners have reported about maintenance issues not only in their units, but the buildings themselves. On one Westbank development on Vancouver, owners complain about EVERYTHING from faulty elevators to lack of building management or upkeep. I am trying to save someone out there debating on purchasing from Westbank. I don’t want others to be robbed like I was by this crooked con job of a company. They will TAKE YOUR money and you can’t do anything about it because you signed the contract, and they have your money therefore they own you. Luckily I don’t care about losing my 170k investment, all I care about is Westbank NOT ripping one of you people reading this off. They are the scum of the earth.