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Is that an optional wall they are displaying on the floor plan? And then a sliding door you might add?

If only they made the length of the bedroom shorter in order to make the width of the den wider. I think closing in the den will make the entire space have a more closed in feel. I might choose the optional wall so that you then have the option of a sliding door should you need it for a second bedroom. But I think this unit is best as a large 1 bedroom+den.

If you were to add a twin bed, I wouldn't squeeze it into the width of the room. I'd place it in the bottom right hand corner in correlation with the dimensions of the room.
Did you end up installing that door? I am in the same building and am planning the do the same thing was wondering if you had a good contractor who installed it for you.
I thought to legally call a room a "bedroom" there had to be a natural source of light. So if you are trying to sell or market this unit as a 2 bedroom by closing off the den, you might want to check with a real esate lawyer on this point.
A pocket door would be nice for the Den.

A friend of mine owns a place around King & Bathurst with the exact same layout without the den and it works beautifully.

9' ceilings do wonders.