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Why keep the logo? Um maybe because it's Maple Leaf Gardens?

People don't realize but MLG is a top tourist destination-- may not be anymore now that it's being turned into a grocery store and arena, but keep what you can!
That logo happens to be free advertising for the former owners. I wonder when we'll see Loblaws and Rye logos in its place.
^ Hell no! It's not Loblaws Gardens or Ryerson Gardens.. it's Maple Leaf Gardens. Keep em.
What are they doing to the roof anyways?? Changing the white to black?? That's terrible, an atrocity!
The building is synonymous with the Leafs, so the logos should stay. We see the preservation of heritage signs all over the city these days of former occupants of a building, particularly with banks but also other retailers. Keeping the logos would be in that spirit.