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I hope I'm at the sit in when it happens and that he acts so badly he has to be restrained, not only in handcuffs but also in a straight jacket!!!
I would also like to see some Jim Bakker action where RoFo crawls up into a ball, and lies sobbing on the floor under a couch in the fetal position.
Just checked and it's actually Gord Martineau who will be hosting, not LeDrew! Whew!

Actually I would have preferred Stephanie Smyth but hey, at least it's not LeDrew.

I would have preferred Stephanie Smyth as well...everytime I think of Gord & elections I think back to years ago when City News jumped to conclusions about election results and totally blew it. Gord had to later offer an on-air apology for how they handled it.
My optimal debate is one in which Ford gets whatever his allotted time is to talk about his weight loss and waste how people should judge him on his record blah blah - but then one of the other candidates respond to his point; Socknacki, Tory, Chow and Stintz just pretend he doesn't exist. Obviously you can't debate him on any substantive issue and any one of those people (even Stintz!) trying to explain to him that he didn't save $1B would be like you trying to explain Marxist theory to a firefly - so they might as well just go at each other. Just treat him like some dude who snuck and somehow convinced the producers to let him on air but who is otherwise meaningless to the issues you are discussing.

There's going to be a lot of debates so it will be interesting to see how their attitudes towards Ford start and evolve. It would also be interesting to see if some debate hosts (like, say, the board of trade) try not to invite Ford at all.

On the one hand, I presume Tory (who is just looking much worse than I expected so far) is getting the same kind of advice from Kouvalis a hockey player would give his teammates about the goalie he used to play with. Really, Ford is a big, walking weak spot, except that hitting him anywhere has no effect; you can't actually score any points off him because he's so obtuse. But to sum up, he overshadows this mayoral race by default but is actually a non-player in the real fight. He should be treated as such.

Since we have unitl October, I'm staying open and gathering any info & insights I can. Having said that, I feel Karen Stintz just isn't a consideration for me at all. I would have said that Socknacki doesn't have the resume but you know, I'm quite interested in hearing him tomorrow...I hope he surprises people. Chow, I just don't believe she has the GTA open mindedness required. Tory, I like for his maturity, professionalism, business experience and the fact that he's lived this piece already. I agree, they won't be holding Ford to really any serious comments
Big surprise. < sarcasm > Apparently Rob is not invited to this year's Garrison Ball.

Wonder if he'll crash it?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is not the most recent ITO that we've seen, is it? Trying to keep it all straight but I can't seem to.

It is my understanding from a general consensus of Internet sources that if anything else is found during a search warrant, it is valid unless the search itself was violated. For instance, if they have a warrant to search my desk for drugs, and they find illegal firearms in there, that's a valid find. However, if they decide to search my car with no warrant, and find the firearms there, it's not admissible.

Therefore, I'm not reading too much into the fact that this ITO is pointing to extortion. Perhaps they are certain about the extortion but are also thinking that something else may emerge through the recordings and other evidence.

Plus, unless I'm wrong, we don't know what the most recent ITO says - the case may have progressed.
Since I was the target of your original comments, and a woman, let me weigh in on whether your comments came off sexist or not.

Truth be told, I was immediately offended by your response and especially the reference to being emotional. It was a direct stab at me as a woman and it made you look sexist.

When people call women emotional they are pulling out an old hurtful stereotype which suggests that women are unable to manage themselves in all sorts of situations where men can because they might become unravelled. Men have just as many unpleasant emotions as women and the subject of this Forum is the Poster Boy for unbridled anger but you won't see Rob Ford's tantrums labelled "emotional" because that insult is reserved for slapping women down.

You might think people should suck it up and accept any unkind bullshit that people throw out in a forum but let me tell you, I am old enough to remember when "emotional" was an excuse to shut me and other women out from everything from jobs and promotions to higher education. It still pisses me off today.

JWBF own your words for what they were. With snied, dismissive language you tried to silence me for daring to write about something which did not interest you. It would seem you let your emotions get the better of you when you made me the target of your frustration so now we are even.

Now, I'm a big girl and I have heard worse than what you said but if you are not being deliberately noxious, I think the right thing to do is begin again with a different tone.

I'm with you Anne. ***can someone tell me where my original response goes once "saved in drafts" since my cat walked over my keyboard and logged me out?*** anyway...I'll wait for that. You know I'm astounded that there is even a male/female quandry here at all. I have observed such a great mosaic of intellect here that personally keeps me coming back. I appreciate the well thought out and sometimes lengthy commentary here and I can tell you that there are personality traits that require thought, reflection and full outlet and there are other personality traits that are completely fine with full thought in 40 characters or less...let it be...its all good
I'm betting there are other ITOs relating to other matters. One thing the OPP is known for is its organized crime investigation unit. Just a feeling.

my sense is that they are gathering information that even they are even surprised to find. when you consider how much data they've retrieved just from their trip to Apple in Cali? Just think of that little tip of the iceburg we've seen from the ITO showing Rob and Lisi's exchanges and gas station washroom trips. I have a feeling they are putting a much larger case together and when I say that I just imaging what Rob must be thinking each and every day.
^Agreed. I do some informal intelligence testing in my job, which I am sometimes later able to check against "formal" measurement. I would put Ford in double digits. His occupation requires him to deal with complex and nuanced subject matter, and in many ways he does so as might a door or a brick or a carbon atom.

Descriptions I've read of people with "borderline intellectual functioning" sound a lot like Ford.
So this afternoon at city council, during the executive committee meeting on the tripartite agreement, a very bored and pissed-off-looking Robbie decided to have some 'fun' with Pam McConnell. It followed the exchange mentioned upthread after Rob had yelled at her for trying to make a point of order. Someone (was it Perks?) said , be careful, he'll knock you over. Rob then ambled over towards where she sat, leered over the edge with that shit-eating grin on his chops, and must have said something to her. She got up quickly, waved him away, said something like, "I was at the chiropractor this morning", and left chambers very quickly and very upset. Perks gave her a hug. Robbie then waddled back to his seat smirking.

Any smidge of pity I may ever have had for this pathetic man-child is replaced by fury when I see how he continues to bully and intimidate people in these casual moments. It's enough he ran her over last November, yet he's still using that assault to amuse himself. I will dance in NPS when he is arrested or even better, drops dead.

And by the way, Robbie was reading the sports section of the Sun this morning.
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