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People taking strips off Chow for not showing. Ralph Lean is a monumental prick though so can't blame her, but this was a WAY better debate.
Rob Lost...

He was better yesterday in the 3 minute free scraps because his demeanor enables him to overpower the others. That failed today because the debate answers were delivered to the audience. He just came off as aggressive, mean and nasty. The others appear to be "work with" kind of people while Rob's MO is to create chaos. Tory got many good digs in about his behaviour.

I score em:

1: Tory
2: Socknacki
3: Stintz
4: Ford

Following this closely from Wpg, BTW.
Can't believe he's still popular.
I just don't think you should have children if you can't afford them and it frustrates me that people do.

A digression from Ford, but doesn't it seem a bit weird to say that only the rich are allowed to procreate? Procreation is fundamental function of biology, and money is an artificial construct. And kids are only "expensive" because the society we've constructed lacks the essential supports for families. What's next, round up those below a certain income level and neuter them? This is absolutely a Ford Nation/neo-con argument.
Looks like Rob's up to his old "tricks":

Jonathan Goldsbie ‏@goldsbie 19m
Ford typically flees any downtown venue or event at which media is present. Tonight he's just hanging out, obliging photo requests.

Gays Against RobFord ‏@GaysagainstFord 17m
@goldsbie Seeing who is on their way to #wrongbar..apparently #allana is going tonight

Jonathan Goldsbie ‏@goldsbie 14m
@GaysagainstFord ?

Gays Against RobFord ‏@GaysagainstFord 12m
@goldsbie Bier Market Allana

Jonathan Goldsbie ‏@goldsbie 9m
@GaysagainstFord I know who you mean. I should have been clearer: why do you believe she's planning to be there tonight?

4:57 pm - 27 Mar 2014 · Details
Gays Against RobFord ‏@GaysagainstFord 2m
@goldsbie dm me
Apologies if this has been posted already, but Ford's people (staff perhaps?) were taking pictures of hecklers at Ryerson. Nasty.

Ford's staff has admitted to taking pictures:

Rob Ford Must Go
Graeme also said yes, that was him at the debate & he was photographing "just one" heckler who "may have gone too far". /CC
I was just at the sit in, and a long time staffer came over (she started during Art Eggleton's mayoralty.) She told us that she spoke with Cllr Pam M.after the Island airport mtg. Ford apparently leaned over her and said something along the lines of: Oh Pammy, you are the best 'tight end' here at city hall" in that snide, smirking way of his.

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