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I'll bet it's the one on Rexdale between Kipling and Islington. Right in Ward 2 if I'm not mistaken. Lovely site lol

There used to be a huge open grass patch right beside that outlet store. Can't recall if it's still there though - I don't travel north on Islington much.

Bad location though - you can only access that from Islington southbound. There's a median in the way for the northbound folks, who will need to head north and turn around.
is he planning to quit part-way through final term or something?

Maybe something like FDR did in his final term. By that time, Mikey will likely be Deputy Mayor for a seamless transition of power. < shudder >

Media frenzy.

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"I think it's a testament to Rob Ford's greatness that with the city choked with huge celebrities attending TIFF...Mike. Tyson."
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betsy powell ‏@powellbetsy 1m
Ford's Etobicoke campaign office says Ford Fest will be held in a Sears parking lot so guess that means no park permit required

That also means that camping is allowed!

Well, Dougie said no more public venues for the Ford Festers, so I wonder what compensation is going to Sears, and possibly mall corp.
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