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Yeah, I bet. She's in the midst of having her first screenplay produced (or first produced screenplay, take your pick). So, assuming she and Towhey own the rights together - and Towhey has no experience in production - this could possibly be her end-run around 'Crazytown' or whatever else is out there being shopped around. Good sales strategy, though, having 'inside' stuff. As opposed to reportage. Way more compelling pages for the script-readers who push this stuff upstream. Plus, Schneller's been in and around L.A. filmmaking for a long time. In a race to the screen of this stupid story, she'll probably win.

I think I just lost whatever respect I had for her (never thought she was all that good as a Globe writer to begin with, but still). She's enabling an enabler to write his conveniently timed memoir about how, gosh, he really tried to stop Ford, you guys, but his own self-serving Randian opportunism just wouldn't let him stop enabling a lying addict with criminal ties from running roughshod over ethics and principles.
I don't get it, are you suggesting Mike Tyson calling Nathan Downer a rat piece of shit was out of racism?
No ... not at all.

I'm saying that we already know that Mike Tyson is a racist. And that such behaviour from a racist on-air shouldn't surprise.
Cynthia Mulligan ‏@CityCynthia 49s
Soknacki says foi's detailing info on #robford will be avail in next couple days on website #topol

Nothing too shocking, I am assuming.

Also, endorsements are pouring in for Tory now that he is looking good in the polls.

Kevin Misener ‏@Misener680News 3m
David Soknacki not endorsing any other candidate for Mayor but says Tory and Chow are excellent candidates. #TOpoli

Death by a thousand cuts. Even if Robbie gets re-elected then something like this will dog Robbie, if you keep adding to the dog pile then sooner or later people will be offended by the smell.
Actually, CP24 is perhaps the only Ford friendly media left.
Another bonehead move by Rob Ford.

Yeah, but I Hate the War on Ford doesn't see it that way. They often complain that the pandering Ford coverage is still not fawning enough.
Yes, I know that I so much want to see someone go Billy Jack on the Fords after all their accumulated abuses. Someone needed to call them on it, make it evident to all the people who pay less attention to municipal affairs how unfit for office this administration has been. Someone could look like a leader if they stepped up to take on the bullies. Soknacki might have captured the attention he needed if he had taken on the challenge. But maybe he was never the right guy for that task.

Cue "One Tin Soldier".
Has CP24 apologized to viewers for that? Kids were watching and the channel is aired in stores and such.
Daniel Dale (@ddale8): Confirmed: Mark Towhey's Rob Ford "tell-all" coming out six days before the election.

The question is, can I hold out for the library copy to become available (likely post-election), or do I put money into that scumbag's pockets and get it on the date of release?
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