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With the delay on declaring the Ward 2 Councillor seat vacate, why doesn't Toronto City Council, at the next meeting, implement ranked balloting?

See The Star at this link for the story on
Ranked ballot on the horizon in Ontario
Revamp of local election rules could allow voters to pick first, second and third-choice candidates.

If City Council does implement ranked balloting, the next by-election maybe a good test for ranked ballots. Oh wait! That could be Ward 2!!

As I've said several times, here, this is due to brute tribalism, nothing more: (1.) They saw themselves in him, (2.) they openly approved of his bullying and bigotry, (3.) and they lived vicariously through him. The rotten fucker got away with all sorts of crap they've love to be able to pull themselves. And he pissed off the lib-tards big-time. In these grim times, that's probably enough for the mindset inclined to worship at the altar of someone like Ford. Many of his fans are every bit as stupid and mean as he was, and - just to complicate matters - they do have some legitimate complaints. It's beyond fucked up.

Yeah: stupid, mean, and even criminal--remember how many of those selfie-takers wound up dead, or busted for pimping, or whatever. Methinks a lot of Ford supporters were hoping he'd grant them amnesty for their own (or their children's) misdeeds...
If Doug does not throw his hat into the ring this thread, I fear, will devolve into a mean-spirited shadow of it's former self. We seem (and I include myself in this criticism) to be reaching, desperately, for any shred we can cling to in order to keep it relevant and alive. We are better than that. Yes, we all know how dreadful Rob was as a mayor; we all know he was, at best, a miscreant, but let's not lower ourselves to the level of those we have valiantly fought against. Let's do what we can to keep Toronto a vibrant, intelligent city; a welcoming, kind place that embraces diversity, ethnically as well as politically.

My apologies if I've offended anyone - that is not my intention. The discourse on this thread has generally been witty, informative and wise. Lately, the tone has taken a darker turn.
Wah, wah, wah! Mammolitti is refuting a "false accusation", that's rich but Worms has to pay the bills.
Mammoliti denies he turned his back on Ford

Move over sponsorship scandal, and forget Watergate, too.

This is Toronto’s Chairgate. Or maybe that should be Swivelgate.

On Friday, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti released his “Dirty Half Dozen” list of council “hypocrites” — councillors he says turned their backs on mayor Rob Ford in council chambers on Nov. 14, 2013, during a time of need, but had the audacity to attend his funeral on Wednesday. But just hours later, pictures and videos surfaced online that some argue show the Ward 7 councillor also turned his back on Ford as he spoke to a wall of turned chairs.

“It’s not true,” Mammoliti said in an interview Saturday morning. “They are just on the defensive for what they did and that I called them out on it.”

At least we confirmation of the April Fools scrawl from Mammolitti.

Mammoliti's 'Dirty Half Dozen' list
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I swear Mammo and Warms are colluding to create Ford-related news. No one was talking about something that happened in bloody 2013 until Mammo tried to create a which quickly died because he doesn't get the attention he wants.
I swear Mammo and Warms are colluding to create Ford-related news. No one was talking about something that happened in bloody 2013 until Mammo tried to create a which quickly died because he doesn't get the attention he wants.

Mammo needs the spotlight the way an army needs toilet paper...
Of course they planned on paying for it. How long before we find out about the police costs?


NEWSTALK1010 ‏@newstalk1010 1h1 hour ago
Ford family statement about the nearly $19K spent by the city on Rob Ford's lying in repose & funeral #topoli
Less than a funeral home?

CityNews TorontoVerified account‏@CityNews
Update: Family initially told Rob Ford public memorial would cost under $1,000

Maybe they should outsource the funeral and get GfL to do it. Like honestly as @pattycakes said, you can't even get a private one for $1,000 - and doesn't Doug know how much staffing, much less policing costs? He's been a councillor as far as I know.

The funny thing is, if one is going to allow a public memorial (which in this case is arguable, but let's suppose it is justifiable), you really shouldn't be nickle and dimeing that it cost 20K - because of its' public nature and quite frankly, it isn't all that much considering the amount of work required for these things.

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