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Wow, Downtown Plaza looks quite nice IMO. Would have loved to see that go down!
the new proposal is clearly the best design of the bunch... the sloping roof instantly makes it stand out from surrounding buildings. I'm sure the direction of the slope was a result of dealing with the shadowing issue (as was the final version of Sapphire). It also works nicely as a step-down betwen FCP and the buildings on Queen St. hook it up...
Interesting to see the evolution of designs for this site. The newest iteration appears to be sliced right off the Sapphire Tower.
Nice project. I only wish it was a taller project. After all this building is behind the Sheraton Hotel. This shadow issue that CH seems to be obsessed with is laughable. Depending on the season the shadow is either longer or shorter and the earth rotates so any shadow does not stay in one place all day. Here is another shorter building being built in the zone that CH has designated for taller buildings. What a waste of a valuable space.
First Toronto Tower prices were $161,900 to $349K in 2002? Wowwww.

I need to get that flux capacitor working again.
Detailed shadow studies are always produced for these buildings, that show where shadows will fall at particular times of the day, usually focusing on at least the solstices and equinoxes. The Sheraton hotel was built before such studies were done, and it would likely not be allowed to be built now.

Agreed, Downtown Plaza would've been a wonderful addition to the area. Shame it never went ahead.

Huh? Downtown plaza would have been a cheaply built concrete slab with some faux historical pastiche thrown in as part of Stinson's Marketing ploy. This design was chosen hot on the heels of the construction of 1 King West, which attracted buyers with its historical features.

If you look at his record with the upkeep and detailing of 1 King West, while a beautiful project in it's design, you would know what I mean. When 'The Harry' was in charge of his only "successful" tower development, he cut costs by such measures as painting over cracks in the building with black tar, doing panting/carpentry/repairs himself to save on the contractor fees, etc. The entrance of this building was meant to have a reconstructed historical facade inside, which Stinson cancelled and put up some modern art instead.

Despite these radical "savings" he still owed David Mirvish, his partner in 1 King West, like $12 million when all was said and done.

Now imagine one of the most prominent locations in the core ruined by a giant slab adorned with a few concrete pillars and decorative tiles a-la the Stinson Design school. On top of this, Harry had plans to stick a large communications antenna on the top of this thing to generate extra revenue. Mysteriously, this extra 'feature' never made it into the renderings. Harry himself used this tower design as a threat of what we would be stuck with if the city didn't grant him the right to build higher.

The Canada tower, however, has great potential to be very striking and attractive. It is sharp looking, while utilizing the design language of our current era rather then a hack-kneed attempt at the grandeur of the past (which is never truly successful without the use of real stone cladding, IMO). I do agree with the marketing video's point that this is one of the last prime development locations in the core, so they shouldn't have that difficult of a time moving units.

As a side note, I have never seen a project team in this city put out a marketing video of that slick level of quality and not get their project built.
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wow! i really hope this gets done. let's hope it's 20 storeys higher. this is a place in downtown where there is the opportunity for an iconic building.