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Aug 28, 2007
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Looks like Square One is getting a Nike Store. It's on the front page of
Square one as "coming soon".


Also I don't think I've seen this posted anywhere, but Sussex Centre is getting a Spring Rolls. Going to be their flagship store, and largest I believe as well at 8000 sq. ft. Also going to have a patio and extended delivery area.
Is Spring Rolls Canadian Asian food or Asian Asian food? Seems like dumbed-down Canadian Asian food to me, so I haven't bother to try it.
Spring Rolls from my experience was ubber Canadian-Asian food. It wasn't bad as food but it's no where close to being authentic by any means.
Looks like they are opening another one in NYCC! - it's under construction now .. nothing on their website but I pass by it everyday.
I find Spring Rolls to be more authentic than Mandarin, but what do I know. I prefer the pad thai at Thai Express.
I contacted Spring Rolls and this is the response I got:

Hi Khristopher,

I do not have the specific date as we are await for City of Mississauga clearance, but the store will open before Xmas holiday.

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.


Kind of unprofessional though. I sent it through their contact us page, and received the reply from what appear's to be Kienly's personal gmail address lol.
I wasn't aware it was big box? Isn't that just a rumour?
I thought it was just going to be regular retail type of stuff and restaurants. I am hoping for an LCBO.
LCBO is pretty big box to me. Or at least, it's a typical big box retailer.
I don't tihnk of LCBO stores as big box at all. To me, that's like Best Buy, Futureshop and all those outlet stores you see at Heartland.
Though the newfangled mainstreet megaLCBOs are "big box" enough to be knocked as such for their banality by Chris Hume...
The main steelwork for the LCBO is pretty much done from what I can tell. The road realignment is far along as well with the Square One eastern City Centre Dr entrance closed to accommodate the shift. The curb work on Hurontario seems mostly complete.