Very nice shots willwu... your 4th pic is giving me an elongated diamond vibe I've never noticed before. (failing eyesight).

Now if UT decrees that this sunny angle is the only one to be posted in the future... 😎
This tower would have looked incredible in a Corten steel-like orange colour, but I think they wanted to distinguish it more from the heritage buildings along Yonge Street in terms of colour.
There's an office tower planned in Vancouver with that colour and the angled panels, but wider windows change the look:
It is striking in some lights. Overall, I'm happy with the developer/architect team for being adventurous and taking a risk though if they committed fully on the execution side, the final product would've been a showstopper. Looking forward to see how the heritage facades are resolved.
Some angles really show off the fantastic geometric shapes/shadow...some show a lot of spandrel.