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May 5, 2007
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1071 KING ST W

OPA / Rezoning 11 251394 STE 19 OZ Ward 19
- Tor & E.York Aug 4, 2011 --- --- --- ---

Proposal to construct a 15 storey mixed use building (16304m2) with a two lower level parking facility (152 parking spaces), ground and second floor commercial units (Retail:1393m2, Office: 2167m2) and 209 residential units (14403m2) on the remaining upper levels.

This location was mentioned in the DNA-3 thread back in january.

Passed by this area recently and noticed that the sales office seems closed..wonder if they are ready to build, also a bit off topic, i noticed that Priestly is demolishing that cute old warehouse building (Toronto Business Development Centre) across the street and west of this future development site. Shame :mad:

I don't find TBDC building all that special. It is also surrounded by surface parking. I think the office tower once/still planned for the site would be a more appropriate scale for the neighbourhood

There is worst that they have declared heritage......
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Some soil sampling going on today

This and DNA-3 are the last 2 lots left on that stretch of King street w....


By fifaguy at 2012-02-01
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There really needs to be some kind of pedestrian connection to Liberty Village in this area.
A bit off topic but strange that across the street from here (Sudbury St)

Other than the existing pedestrian lights, they are instaling new traffic lights

Makes me think maybe a future new overpass to Liberty Village...hahaha i wish....., or it would make more sense that this road (Douro Street) to nowhere, with an agreement between city and the the developer just might in the future be aligned with Sudbury street

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any news on this one? I noticed that there seemed to be a sales centre under contruction on google streetview, and googled the adress as I had never heard of the project. the imagry claims it was taken in july 2012, so the sales centre must be finished by now.
This is not the Kingsclub site. It's on the north side of King, west of the railway underpass. This site is on the south side of King, east of the underpass.

The proposal for this site is a rather bland looking slab. Still haven't heard or seen anything about connecting any of the roads to Liberty Village. More wonderful foresight by the city *sigh*
I'm not sure how you would connect the roads here to Liberty Village. Tunnel under the tracks? Where would that money come from?

Yes, tunnel underneath. In an almost 10 billion dollar annual budget, the city seems to have plenty for key infrastructure projects. Despite this, they unfortunately don't seem to be in any rush make the exploding Liberty Village less isolated, which could be done by connecting a few key roads. It will only be more complicated and infuriating for residents once the area is built out.