Ya know I'm not one for facade retention, but there are so many buildings around town that are incorporating parts the original structure into whatever new project is going up, and the original is far less notable than a distinct building like this.

Same goes for some of the old 60s concrete buildings that are slowly disappearing around town. So sad to see them go, is it that hard to preserve parts of those buildings?
Nearly the entire south side of Yorkville between Yonge and Bay will soon be a giant pit (or 2 pits to be exact). Hope they won't remain that way for the better part of the decade.
That poor fire station and library have continuously seen construction around themselves for last many years and it's going to be like that for many more. But it's going to look great once it's over. I worked in that CIBC building in 2017 and I used to take a short walk around the neighbourhood on this street on my way to work from Bloor-Yonge station.
Do the four other buildings on the back side of this demolition see in the photos up above belong to this development ? If so will they be demolish to square off this property ?