This has certainly grown since my last post. I personally like the look of the building. Especially when compared to its neighbour.

2 pics, taken at 2 different points on Yonge, south of St. Clair and at Scrivener; March 8th, 2024:

In this first one you get just the very top of 11YV, but you'll also see 'The One' photobombing off to the left.


Now further south, with a bit more of 11YV in view:

What the hell is a "luxury" gym?? 🤣
Like anything "luxury". Nicer or perceived to be nicer than average.

Some gyms include amenities or features that aren't found at a bare bones gym, such as membership caps, towel service, specialized equipment, fitness or medical testing, complimentary or innovative group classes (think barre, hot yoga, spin classes, pilates, crossfit), steam or sauna rooms, luxury toiletries, app-based bookings, smoothie bars, clothing boutiques, lounges, spas with physiotherapy and massage, personal training, free childcare, free parking, etc. Honestly, the sky is the limit.

Everybody has their judgement about what is valuable. I wouldn't pay an exorbitant amount of money for a "luxury" gym, but at least it benefits a person's health and isn't as resource-intensive as other "luxury" consumption.

Or maybe you were just making a joke about not going to the gym. :p
The S&T at The Well is more like a really high end community centre. I liked it as it has a café, meeting rooms and wifi as well as activities and change rooms.