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Apr 23, 2007
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It seems that something is coming up here, immediately west of the failed Adi plan at 65 Prince Arthur:


Hopefully it's just an infill. It would be quite a waste to tear down that whole building.

I don't see how you could infill on that site.

It's set back is only ~4m from Prince Arthur.

In could tack an addition on where the greenspace is next St. George......its ~12m wide.

But given the impact on existing end units, and the need for hall'd be hard pressed to net 2 units per floor in the add-on.

I don't see the economics of it working; especially when attached to the existing building.


If something is stirring here.........seems likely it's a total replacement.


This lot does including the parking on the north side, but it is impaired for development purposes by both the existing building and the one to the north.

In the image below, you will see the setback from St. George is also impaired by partial City ownership.

The existing building is one of my favourite apartment buildings in the city from that era. Really sad that it might get demolished. The green glazed brick is really lovely.

You have a few months to try to push a heritage designation through. I'd start yesterday.
Has to be some serious height proposed to offset the rental replacement units.