From my understanding construction costs per sq ft generally go up over a certain height, so if anything they'd be looking for even more places to cheap out. Sweet spot for quality around here seems to midrises and smaller projects, most of our taller residential towers are mediocre.

Costs do go up from a logistics perspective yes but a developer is able to charge more for those lofty views AND due to economies of scale, some costs actually go down.
Sept 2, 2022












You know, I went by there a few nights ago coming back from a friend place...

...and those sweeping fins are massive as they are imposing in person. Any larger they could fly a commercial jetliner.

(Not saying this as bad thing either...just a lot bigger than I'd imagined or anticipated.)
Was at Hanlans Point today. This tower dominates the view taking the boat from the island to the mainland. It's going to be a big skyline contributor. And that glass is stunning! Its got a more clear texture VS the green glass buildings nearby. I personally am loving it.
This building has been a big positive surprise for me. To be honest, I wasn't sure about the angular window design at first. Thought it looked a bit date almost (not the whole building just the window design), but it has come together quite well. Looks great both up close and from a distance.
Looking at the future towers in the area here as well; and it reads as "Toronto builds 46s tower, no one notices.'
I mean when this building is completed it will be the 7th tallest building in the city, so It's definitely not "no one notices".

Maybe in a decade it'll be lost in the crows a bit more, but not right now.
Speaking of the above, I have a single peek-a-boo shot from my Sunday walk.

Photo taken Sept 4th, 2022:

This is taken from the corner of Sherbourne and Lake Shore Blvd: