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Jul 4, 2012
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Realnet reporting that Centrecourt have bought the above properties on Church from Parallax

Site is just north of Menkes Fleur building - very likely more proporties will be incorporated into this

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Something is brewing here?

193 church.PNG

Ward 13 - Tor & E.York District

Proposed Use ---# of Storeys ---# of Units ---
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Rezoning19 114180 STE 13 OZFeb 11, 2019Application Received
actually pretty good looking for IBI. Those Live/Work should really be retail though.

Completely disagree. Not every frontage needs to be retail... and informal live/work is a great way to add diversity of use and a different type of vitality to a city block. I used to be a cynic about it but I find it fosters businesses and gives businesses a chance that wouldn't survive elsewhere. In CityPlace, it actually works quite well along Fort York and has led to an interesting mix of businesses.

The design of this tower doesn't want to have those ridiculous looking columns propping it up over the heritage element - not a good look. Surely they can use a structural transfer slab or something to avoid that. And the rooflines that are not being recreated on the heritage component gets a thumbs-down from me.
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Nice to see masonry elements all the way up the shaft of the tower - but the new street front addition - (including the 6-storey exposed concrete columns ) is messy & clumsy looking, imho.
I am of very mixed feelings here.

I agree w/ @innsertnamehere that for IBI this really is pretty good............though that is damning w/feint praise.

I would frankly like to see the heritage properties here left alone..............

But if they must be molested...........from an exterior could be a lot worse.......portions are almost reaching 'good'.

At the podium level....... I'm rather of the opinion that something doesn't work at the level of the cornice in the new build.

I'm not suggesting faux-heritage...but somehow I think there could be a better complimentary tie-in design wise.........though truthfully, I'm not sure what I would want instead.

The balconies here irritate me too.

I like the idea of the contrast w/the brick and glassier space........but not that way.

I'm not sure sure if I'd prefer eliminating the balconies and looking for a better forward-window design............

Or whether different railings would be preferable. I know I don't like the tentative illustration.
I must say I expected much worse from centrecourt.

But the skeptic in me also anticipates that a bottom-line driven developer like centrecourt will "cost-engineer" all of it to death by the end, like the quality of the materiality shown, and the cantelever section at the top...
Centrecourt's designs usually come out ok. Indx, Grid, Axis are all some of IBI's best work. Mind you they also pump out stuff like Core.. so I don't know.
Centrecourt's designs usually come out ok. Indx, Grid, Axis are all some of IBI's best work. Mind you they also pump out stuff like Core.. so I don't know.
Index was nice, because it was their debut and it was with Lifetime too. But IMO grid was pretty half hearted attempt at any real design, just the usual balcony skin play