Thanks! I was optimistic but wanted further info. I was planning to take a little stroll on the new bridge this morning as I am having breakfast nearby so will see what Drum118 is describing. They may be getting ready to start a more visible advertising push with stylized hoarding/sales centre as that wouldn’t require permits and people seem to be gearing up for interest rates to fall.
I am cross-posting this from Drum118’s update in the main Portlands thread. If I am reading it correctly this is much, much sooner than I expected!

‘The 2 stop light west of Commissioner bridge are for the first development site block, new roads as well the plan QQE LRT loop if it every get built.

The is no connection for Munition St to connect to Commissioner St and it looks like it will not happen anytime soon.

Hording and tree protection going up for 309 Cherry St site. Using scaffolding framing on both sides of the trees that I haven't seen being used anywhere for site to date and it looks to be 10-15 feet tall.

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@drum118 (inaccurate) post is actually in the Lower Don thread. As noted above by @NorthernLight, the 309 Cherry project - though it will certainly happen, is not going to move forward for a while yet.
Just to clarify, is this proposal (up to 47s) located where the ghosted buildings in the centre are ... from the 3 Approaches for Intensification presentation slides?

I recall speakers mentioning this was the only privately owned parcel.


It'll be weird until it's not. I recently found this grainy old photograph taken of the railway lands by my late brother, sometime in the late 70s or very early 80s. At one point this too was a pretty unremarkable slice of Toronto. All living cities are, to a degree, in a natural state of flux; the new normal of the Portlands is on its way.