The 2 letters are largely consistent, varying by by -1 parking space for the most recent iteration, you found.

The previous letter, however, has many additional interesting notes.

* So noting that minor discrepancy, let me quote the April Cover Letter:





Pleased to see the Hydro Wire burial here! Good on Tridel!

Parking ratio remains very high for a location on a subway line; but at least they're taking in the right direction, still, very close to 1 space per unit.

On the natural areas front, a couple of notes; first, this is a just a great image for seeing how much of this property is ending up perpetual, public, ravine land:


Virtually everything in light grey on the west (left) above is being given the TRCA and is being improved with a Ravine Stewardship Plan prior to that. (removing illegal dumping, invasive species and replanting with native plants).

Seed mix:


All native, some of the stuff is unlikely to take, but I have no problem with a mix this large including a few 'flyers'.
Oh, I suppose I should explain the 'L' thing on the side. L rankings are how common the species is within the TRCA jurisdiction.

L5 would be relatively common, L1 exceptionally rare, Lx means that the species is considered functionally extirpated (locally extinct in nature)



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