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Jun 5, 2011
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Not sure if there is a thread for this, but as per Urbanation, site has been purchase by Plaza for $50.5 million.
48 storeys coming here by HPA

Ward 20 - Tor & E.York District

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Zoning By-law Amendment to permit a 47-storey mixed-use building (157.0 metres, including mechanical penthouse), with a total of 530 residential units and approximately 3,437 square metres of retail space located on the first two levels of the podium.

Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units ---

Type Number Date Submitted Status
Rezoning 17 190839 STE 20 OZ Jun 30, 2017 Under Review
Ya sadly I don't see a lot here to get excited about. I'm glad it's HPA but it's definitely not the most interesting work they've done.
I really liked the curve Windows on this proposal. It would of complimented the Hyatt hotel beside it. Too many square like buildings!
The podium looks fantastic, the tower looks like it might be bland. Can't really form more of a judgment yet though. The density down here is going to be insane though.
Planning may have a thing or two to say about this, as the separation to King Charlotte is only ~20 m and the floor plate is >800 sq m, both outside the ranges specified in the tall building guidelines. However, King Charlotte was planned before the current guidelines came into effect and thus was built right up to the lot line, and technically this proposal does exceed the 12.5 m setback requirement from the centre of the lane, so they're claiming compliance. Not sure whether planning will buy that.

As for the architecture, the podium looks good by most architects' standards, but I think HPA have done better work elsewhere. The tower is not exciting, but could still turn out OK, depending on the execution. Given Plaza's record, I'm mildly pessimistic.
I'm going to go out on a limb and place the blame on Plaza. We have all seen what HP can do with a builder with a better track record for design.

Find a Plaza project in the core that isn't mediocre.

I like the podium but my expectations are very low.

King Charlotte residents looking south are going to have a fit.