Seems like this one fell under the radar but excavation is already starting on this 35 storey condo project:



Thanks for the update. They certainly "cheaped out" on the model.
Actually, I'm pretty sure that big pit is for Verve.
It looks like verve, you can see the tridel trailer in the backround.
actually the hole is for the 11 storey seniors apartment building
from the new Condo Guide, it appears there is a new website.....


Construction begins July??
Construction begins July??

hard to believe considering how slow sales have gone. I do prefer this new plan with the loft building instead of the victorian inspired townhomes
Times Group has, finally, broken ground at The 500 today.

That corner is going to look very different in a few years.
This is the real 500 Sherbourne Site to the centre and left of the photo, just beyond the Verve lofts

It's too bad the building is not stepped at Sherbourne (i.e., imagine it turned 180 degrees). It would have been nice to have a view of the old church from down the street. It was hidden by the hospital next door before and seems similarly doomed. Melodramtic? Perhaps, but take a look at many of the downtown churches, increasingly hemmed in by office buildings or condos (e.g., Church of the Redeemer, St. Pauls, St. Andrews on Bloor).