55 Mercer will likely end up as cream of the crop. But Theatre Park, Tableau, and PJ Condos are also good ones in my books. Also have a soft spot for one of CentreCourt's earlier projects, Peter Street Condos.

Tableau works as a sort of shockingly modern contrast to the surrounding heritage (or what's left of it); PJ was so close to really, really good, and then ......then....the ground floor happened. Sigh.
Without mentioning one other project in particular; I'm taken by this and rather lamenting that the team here didn't get to do the rest of Mercer in this block, on both sides.

Mercer is not going to turn out particularly good overall, and it had so much potential with the rich heritage there. It could have been so much better, as this, its best development shows.
I 100 years people are going to be like "Interesting fact: the base of this building is not actually a historic warehouse turned into a facade as was common practice at the time, but rather a surprisingly well designed and constructed new build from Toronto's early-21st century building boom."
Jan 23, 2023