566-576 Sherbourne Street and 29-37 Linden Street
Community Consultation Meeting​

Tuesday, August 8, 2023
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM - Eastern Time (US & Canada)

This Community Consultation Meeting will discuss an Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment application proposing to develop the site with a 59-storey residential building at 566-576 Sherbourne Street and 29-37 Linden Street.
688 units, 6 elevators, would mean 1 elevator for every 114.66 units. Could be worse.

You know when the developer is all for value engineering when elevator access disproportionate to the height of their building. And if they can cut corners here, they'll cut everywhere else. And to put it mildly. /sigh
What Cabbagetown use to be and what it is today are 2 different things when I grew up there from my point of view. Other than my 2 schools K-5 and 6-8 are still there, places I live in, worked after school at and buy things are gone. Places that were run down are now high class homes or were replace with towers or midrise or X. It has also the first holdout building where the owner either refused to sale as they wanted to live their life out there or the money offer was too low that buildings were built around it like a number others in the last 10 years I have seen so far.

At least a number of developments have seen these so call heritage homes retained with towers in their back yard. I expect this site will see a tower 40-50 story in the backyard with the worse one been torn down for the driveway and entrance to the tower. Not all the homes in that area are worth keeping, other than the ones in the photos above.

The 3 new towers to the north of this site retained one or more existing building as well relocated them to build the towers..

The one on the east side of Sherbourne will see most buildings go and no great lost for them once construction starts on it.

The midride building will be gone in the site plan for the tower.
Out of curiosity, what is the address of this first hold out building? I always like looking at the encapsulation of them on streetview
Update, new docs filed Dec '23 and lots of changes: (Including a bump in height to 63s)

First, the description of the changes in the Cover Letter:






Now for updated renders:




Revised Site Plan:


@Paclo is duly flagged.
The new renderings and statistics have been updated in the database. Main changes are as follows:
  • Storey count increased from 59 to 63
  • Height increased from 190.9m to 215.75m
  • Total units increased from 670 to 782
  • Total vehicular parking reduced from 84 to 49
  • Total bike parking increased from 690 to 704
Updated rendering of the Linden Side:
PLN - Renderings or Perspective Drawings - 576 Sherbourne_Perspective Renderings-3.jpg
688 units, 6 elevators, would mean 1 elevator for every 114.66 units. Could be worse.

So we're now at 782 units but still with 6 elevators? That's one for every 130.333 units. Great.

The whole “several floors of glass” above any heritage structure before the actual tower expression begins thing is soooo boring.
Perhaps one day it will be associated with Toronto, i.e. “preserving heritage structures whilst accommodating new developments à la Toronto Style.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kinda need a staff at the bottom to help push people in... /sigh
I don't know how much I trust this builder. The crap they put up at Sherbourne/Wellesley makes me nervous about the quality of this project.