I think its beautiful

I for one love it. Its very close to the new Subway that will be in vaughan close to woodbridge ave market lane, Close to then 427 hiway. Not everyone want a high rise. Its right on Hiway 7 the core of woodbridge. Woodbridge is a great safe area.
Sorry Sixring you may not like the building but you are not everyone:p
Construction on this building is speeding along. The last time I drove by the intersection, there was no second building. A few months later, it seems nearly completed. Despite the architecture which can only be described as "meh", I think this building adds a lot to an otherwise bleak stretch of Highway 7. There doesn't seem to be any retail proposed at the base, which is kind of a shame considering the volume of traffic in the Tim Hortons plaza across the street. The corner of this building fronting Highway 7 and Woodsmere should have been articulated more prominently as retail.

Im hoping the plaza across the street gets redeveloped into a nice mid rise mixed use area. Considering that the houses across the street backlot into Highway 7 (which means there is almost no chance that they will ever get redeveloped) the area has a lot of mixed use potential all the way up to Martin Grove and beyond onto the Brampton border. Anyways, I understand the reaction by some of you against the uninspired architecture...however if you look at it in context it's not so bad. :D

(BTW the post above me by "Loveit" is clearly a fake...I cant help but laugh ;)