So as part of this deal, the city is effectively directing $49 million to tear down that building to create the park extension facing Bay Street?


* So far as I understand, the appellant made this offer to obtain a settlement at (then) LPAT. Though the City subsequently made (demanded) some tweaks.

The money is, in the largest measure, a buyout of the ground lease of Transmetro, of City-owned property that sits atop Bay Street Station.

More detail can be found here:

And here:

People here talk about how the original proposal was never going to be built, meanwhile, 45 Broad Street in New York is similar, but being built


What was it about the earlier design that made it unlikely to be built?
That's a great point. I have a unit here, can I sell it to you?
45 Broad Street is not being built. it is on hold from like 3 years and there were rumors that there is a new design, under 300m but no progress on that.. :)

Not only that, it turns out the design was drastically changed. 😳

Does anyone have a final GFA on this one? (Copy of by-law etc.?)

I know the density is around 43x, which is impressive, but not as impressive (and unrealistic?) as the 60x being sought at 17-19 Bloor or what was sought for 1200 Bay.)

I have 1,258,463 sq ft as the final GFA, but would love a copy of the by-law if it has been created.