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May 19, 2007
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This seems to indicate there is a potential development on this rather large parking lot downtown:

here has also been considerable interest in the parking lot across the street, which is bordered by Queen, Shuter, Mutual and Dalhousie, and Alikakos reveals a deal is very close to being brokered. For years, the parking lot has been a blight on the area, to some degree preventing the neighbourhood’s development. Once completed, the deal will be one of the biggest of its kind in recent Toronto history (given that the parking lot takes up an entire downtown city block), with an ambitious plan to build retail, office and residential spaces on the site. As such, the retail strips lining both sides of Queen east of Church would likely see a considerable increase in foot traffic.

Anyone heard anything about this ?
Is that the block located east of Church St on the north side of Queen, the one imagined as Cathedral Square?
Is that the block located east of Church St on the north side of Queen, the one imagined as Cathedral Square?

Yes as well home to the Mutual Arena.

Given the size of that block, one hope it is own by one person. With the right design, a great opportunity for density as well looks, including various heights. Have photos some where of this block, including what it looks like today. I also have shots of what the south of Queen St looks today before development blocks that view.
this is very hopeful... that block has been my most hated parking lot in all of downtown for years now. As the article suggests the current parking lot really prevents that stretch of Queen E from developing into a more lively destination. Hope we hear more details soon.
This is the one right to the east of Jazz. I'm really surprised to see it's remained empty this long. I'm sure it will be developed soon. I hope with something really great!
It's not exactly the greatest area. I also think the plan ten years died when a compromised was reached to lower the proposed towers from 44 to 28 storeys. Today's city may be open to 44 storeys however, I'm sure the new owner will be seeking substantially higher.
I'd love to see this horror finally get erased from sight. I wouldn't mind seeing some significant height here towards the north end of the lot, but not more than about 5 or 6 stories directly on Queen. Let's expand that skyline eastward!
Those are ancient !
Yawn yawn yawn.

But again, as long as that parking lot disappears.. Unfortunately this would be an extreme case of wasted potential to expand the CBD/tall towers east of Yonge.
An office tower would be an interesting bet here - alongside residential. Throw in a grand theatre and some museums for fun.
Or, a very, very tall tower - quite non-contextual - maybe mixed use?
I like the plans shown above - that they divide up the block nicely. But the building's don't look like they have much visual oomph. Whatever goes in here, I hope it has some star quality to it - to offset the surrounding dubiousness.